What is Walkingbol®-WABOL®-

"Walkingbol®is an instrument of happiness"

  Josep Maldonado

The most democratic and egalitarian team sport

Players may only walk, no running is permitted. It’s a game designed to help people stay in shape and maintain an active lifestyle regardless of age and/or physical form.

It’s a bit like football but in a slower, more relaxed way, more suitable for older people.

Running is forbidden!

Who can play?

There’s not only direct benefits to health but it also offers social benefits. Participants will avoid being isolated and interact with other individuals and small groups of people. The fun is also assured, another great health benefit. Being a league organized sport, players feel more committed to participate.

It’s an acivity suited for anybody, men and women

Benefits for all

Walking helps reduce hypertension, the risk of heart disease, sugar in the blood (diabetes), heart rate, bad cholesterol. Less fat and more muscle. It improves mobility, strengthens the lower back, thus avoiding the frequent back pain. The more you walk, the more you reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms as well as reduce weight. There are many benefits to physical exercise. There are many benefits to walking. In Walkingbol® everything is more predictable, therefore possible impact is minimal.


In our leagues, each team plays one game per week and will train one other day per week (8 x month). Each match has a duration of 50 minutes divided into two parts of 25 minutes each, designed for participants to take two walks per week.

On non-match days, participants are advised to take a 30-minute walk a day as part of weekly training.

Important dates in the history of Walkingbol®-WABOL®-


Another official stadium for Walking Futbol Union is added in the city of Rubí in the playing field of C.E Olimpic Can Fatjó Football Club

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